CardiovascularAt Protomatic Medical, we regularly supply components for LVADs (left ventricular assist devices). An LVAD is a pump-like device that is surgically implanted to maintain the pumping ability of a heart that can no longer function on its own. A common type of LVAD has a tube that pulls blood from the left ventricle into a pump. The pump then sends blood into the aorta (the large blood vessel leaving the left ventricle). This effectively helps the weakened ventricle by lessening the amount of blood that the left ventricle is responsible for pumping. We are also involved in providing components for aortic punches. These devices are used to implant replacement heart valves in the heart as well as arterial bypass grafts in order to repair damaged arteries.

Leading supplier of different instruments used in cardiovascular procedures and treatmentsAortic punches and LVADs are just two examples of the many cardiovascular instruments we create at Protomatic Medical. In fact, we are a leading supplier of several different instruments used in cardiovascular procedures and treatments, all of which can be found in most heart transplant centers and hospital cardiac units.

Among the other medical machining products created at Protomatic Medical for cardiovascular uses are:

  • Trocar Devices
  • Tunnellers
  • Peristalic Pump components
  • Specialized Surgical Tools