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Medical Device Machining Capabilities from Protomatic Medical

Medical Device Machining

At Protomatic Medical, we are a known leader in the medical device machining industry. Because of our many resources and equipment lines, we are considered a one-stop shop throughout the industry, as well. Our equipment list that is available for medical device machining is far more extensive that that of many other medical device machining shops. We have everything needed to create the perfect product – from CNC Vertical Machining Centers (VMC) and CNC lathes to presses and ovens. Besides the mentioned capabilities, we also provide skilled craftsmen with many decades of combined experience to ensure your product is completed with precision and efficiency.

Five Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Medical Device Manufacturer

Medical Device Manufacturer

If you’re in search of a medical device manufacturer, it’s important you don’t just go with the first company you contact. You should consider at least two or three manufacturing companies and compare them with each other based on the following considerations. In this post, we will look at what you should be looking for.

The Process of Medical Device Machining

Medical Device Machining

From idea to design to production, the concept for a new medical device can have a rocky road to creation. There are plenty of challenges along the way, including where to find a designer and how to have your first medical prototype created successfully. Beyond that, there are the logistics of beginning the medical device machining process at affordable rates that you and your investors can accommodate.

Four Ways to Ensure Safe Production of Medical Devices in the Global Economy

Medical Device Machine Shop

Medical device machine shops face a lot of product safety and economical challenges with outsourcing and the global economy while still trying to maintain a reasonable return on investment (ROI). The goal of any medical device manufacturing company is to manufacture safe and effective devices that help patients in need while ensuring a decent ROI. It’s important to know how to increase productivity while making sure all quality standards are met here and abroad. In this post we’ll talk about how to achieve your medical device manufacturing goals in the global economy.

Medical Device Development 101

Medical Device Development

You have an idea, but you don't know where to start. Every year, thousands of medical professionals and researchers come up with great ideas for a new medical device or instrument. Unfortunately, many of these individuals have no idea who to turn to in order to make their idea become a real, physical product.

There are actually many different companies who are equipped with the right employees and tools to help with your medical device development project. Protomatic Medical is one example of a company with years of experience in this field. When you turn to Protomatic Medical with your idea for medical device development, their employees will help guide you through the process of developing your initial idea to designing and manufacturing the product.

How to Select a Medical Device Development Company


When you’re looking for a contract manufacturer for medical devices, it’s essential to look for a number of key qualities that will ensure the successful completion of your device. While it can be taxing to locate manufacturers, learn about their capabilities and vet their credentials, doing so will give your product the best possible chance when it goes to market. But what should you seek out? What are the most important attributes to look for in a medical device manufacturer? In this post, we’re going to highlight five key qualities to demand when you’re looking at contract manufacturing services.

The Role of Prototypes in Medical Device Development

medical device development

Prototyping is no doubt, an essential part of product development and manufacturing in almost every industry. For the medical device development industry this could not be more accurate. There are many industry specific reasons for using prototypes before beginning production of the end product. In this post, we will look at some specific reasons why prototypes are so important in the medical device development process. 

Project Management is Key in Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical Device Manufacturing

No matter the project, organization is one of the most critical factors in ensuring success. In medical device manufacturing, organization is absolutely key in producing high quality products in a timely manner. Manufacturing medical devices successfully requires absolute precision and attention to detail, and having a capable and experienced project manager doesn't only keep your project on schedule, it also ensures high standards and best practices are maintained throughout production. In this post, we'll look at some of the reasons why project management is crucial in the medical device manufacturing process.

Explore Design Ideas with Prototype Development from Protomatic Medical


The process of designing a medical device prototype can be long and arduous. Requiring a combination of technical expertise and machining ability, it is essential to find a partner that understands your project, explores the options available and leverages the power of modern technology and machining equipment. In this regard, Protomatic Medical leads the pack: our in-house laboratory is staffed with the most experienced personnel, outfitted with leading edge equipment and designed to allow you to fully explore the potential of your prototype.

Protomatic Medical's History of Innovation

Protomatic Port Valves

In the medical industry, doctor and patient needs are constantly evolving. From early Roman forceps, crafted from bone, to modern implantable Interveinus Ports, as the capabilities of technology expanded, so did the manufacture of medical equipment. Today, we're going to look at how Protomatic Medical has managed to remain on the cutting edge of the medical device industry.