Explore Design Ideas with Prototype Development from Protomatic Medical


The process of designing a medical device prototype can be long and arduous. Requiring a combination of technical expertise and machining ability, it is essential to find a partner that understands your project, explores the options available and leverages the power of modern technology and machining equipment. In this regard, Protomatic Medical leads the pack: our in-house laboratory is staffed with the most experienced personnel, outfitted with leading edge equipment and designed to allow you to fully explore the potential of your prototype.

Superior resources

Since our founding, we have strived to obtain the resources necessary to provide design, development and inspection services of the highest caliber. With a massive equipment list, including several multi-axis CNC machines and the latest CAD/CAM software, we have the ability to deliver the highest quality, most reliable medical device prototypes in the industry.

Advanced technologies

Our in-house laboratory allows us to thoroughly investigate and research every aspect of your prototype. In addition to this, our proven ability to test and inspect your device ensures that the finished product meets – or exceeds – the rigorous standards expected by the medical community.

Proven results

With a track record of meeting tight deadlines, we have proven that we take our clients’ timetables seriously. We know that your prototype needs to meet certain design and safety standards, however, we also understand that you expect it to be delivered in a timely, cost-efficient manner.

At Protomatic Medical, our dedicated team of experienced craftsmen have positioned us as a leading provider of prototyping services for the medical industry. Taking pride in our work, we approach every project with a renewed commitment to deliver the most accurate, efficient tools possible. By taking advantage of our superior resources and advanced technologies, you can be confident that our results will meet your expectations. If you have been searching for a prototyping partner that will work with you to produce the best prototype possible, contact us today to learn how the team at Protomatic Medical can help.