Protomatic Medical's History of Innovation in the Medical Device Industry

Medical Device

In the medical industry, doctor and patient needs are constantly evolving. From early Roman forceps, crafted from bone, to modern implantable Interveinus Ports, as the capabilities of technology expanded, so did the manufacture of medical equipment. Today, we're going to look at how Protomatic Medical has managed to remain on the cutting edge of the medical device industry.

Ability to work with difficult materials

At Protomatic Medical, our ability to machine materials that our competitors shy away from is one of our greatest assets when it comes to innovating novel solutions to problems within the medical industry. Whether it's copper, rhenium, niobium, magnesium or superalloys, we have the experience necessary to bring your project to fruition. Our employees are always standing by, ready to advise you on the best materials for your project. For example, if your prototype requires resistance to corrosion, oxidation and high temperatures, we know which materials are optimal and, more importantly, how to work with them.

Solving problems by thinking ahead of them

Protomatic Medical doesn't just solve existing problems, we aim to resolve issues with your design that may arise down the road. By suggesting the most advantageous combination of materials, machining processes and engineering services, we guarantee that our medical devices and equipment are built to last. More importantly, we ensure that your prototype is machined to capably address the problem at hand while also being versatile and durable enough to survive in whatever conditions you anticipate.

A narrow focus leads to deeper knowledge

While many machining shops take a general approach to serving the industry, Protomatic Medical has chosen to focus strictly upon the manufacture of medical devices. Because of this narrow focus, we have a larger, more applicable well of knowledge to draw upon when it comes to solving issues that may arise during your prototyping phase. For example, in a recent case study, we drew upon our understanding of air bladder systems and leveraged it to create a novel technology that is designed to distribute impact loads. That technology is now manufactured and marketed by Wolverine World Wide Inc. as a biomedically ergonomic footwear insert.

At Protomatic Medical, your problems are our business. Our employees are trained, educated and eager to help you take your design from initial concept to production. If you're looking for an innovative and proven partner in the medical device industry, contact us today to begin discussing your project.