InnovationsProtomatic Medical offers the distinct capability of working with materials which other medical device machining shops may avoid. Copper, Magnesium, Rhenium, Niobium and superalloys, for example, are materials with unusual physical and chemical properties that must be considered for the medical machining process. Our talented team of dedicated craftsmen are up to the challenge, and have worked with these materials on previous medical prototypes and short-run productions. Protomatic Medical is also an expert provider of medical prototypes and equipment made from more traditional materials, such as plastics, rubbers, steel and aluminum.

In addition to Protomatic Medical's innovations in the use of less traditional materials, we also have the knowledge and expertise to help you match the right medium to the right project. Our experienced employees know which materials can be machined for certain purposes based on melting point, superconductivity and other characteristics. For example, superalloys – which many other precision medical machining shops won't work with – are an excellent medium for instruments and equipment where high temperatures, corrosion or oxidation may be a factor. The staff at Protomatic Medical can work with you on your design or prototype to make sure you get the best material for your product.

Protomatic Medical Staff can work with you on your design or prototype.

Other innovative capabilities at Protomatic Medical include 5-axis precision CNC machining, laser engraving, engineering services, and many other technical processes which set us apart from other medical machine shops. Our focus on medical devices and equipment also increases our expertise in that particular industry in comparison to other general machining shops which serve a number of industries. Protomatic Medical's vast experience in working with the medical industry has established their position as one of the leaders in the field of medical device machining.

Through our facilities, diverse capabilities, equipment resources, and conservative, steadfast business practices, Protomatic Medical has been able to provide fast, efficient service to countless satisfied customers for nearly 40 years. We are a leading contract manufacturer of precision medical machining products, medical prototypes, and short-run medical components and assembly. Thanks to Protomatic Medical's thorough testing procedures and state-of-the-art quality inspection resources, our standards remain consistently high and our products are superior in accuracy and efficiency.

We know that when you select a contract manufacturer for medical device components, you look for a company which has the right equipment, resources and expertise to meet your needs. At Protomatic Medical, we're passionate about delivering products that combine your innovation and vision with our quality services, vast capabilities and innovative technology. When you select Protomatic Medical for your medical device, we provide the services and skills to make your dream a reality.